Expand Your Business Potential With A Successfully Formulated Google Text Ad

Ever since the total word allowance in Google ads has changed in 2020, it has become easier to create a compelling text ad. Creating an ad is one thing and making a successful ad is another. To make a successful ad, your ad must create an appeal to the customers of your niche market by catering to their needs. A successful ad should also have negative words that block unwanted clicks that wipe your ad budget without giving you any conversions.

Creating a successful ad is as technical as it is creative. If you have failed to achieve success with your Google ads till now, try asking for help from an expert in the field. You can reach out to a successful Google ads agency in your area such as Australian Internet Marketing based in Sydney and let the professionals handle the burden of not just making an advertisement for your business, but also making it successful.

Features of a successful Google ad

  •  A good click-through rate is the best parameter that lets you if your ad is reaching the right prospects or not.
  • A higher conversion rate gives you business.
  • If the ad can create a good image of your company in the mind of your target audience, it is also a sign of success.

You may not be able to always fulfill all the three parameters from just one ad group. This is why it is important to create a minimum of 3 ads for every ad group and monitor their results to know which one works best for your business and also lets you know the areas where you can improve.

Google ads categories

There are 2 categories into which all Google text ads fall. These are:

  1. Expanded text ads: The main elements of this are:
  • Primary headline created with the target keyword.
  • A second or shortened headline to showcase the highlights of your business that gives you a competitive edge. You can also include the call-to-action text here.
  • You can add a third optional headline to showcase a product or your brand name.
  • The next element of a text ad is the display path for your URL.
  • The last is the description of the ad, which is used to reinforce the message showcased by the headlines of the ad.
  • You can also give additional information about your services in the text description.
  1. Responsive search ads:
  • Although the main elements remain the same here, the difference is that you can create as many as 15 headlines in this ad.
  • You can also get very descriptive as Google allows adding 4 descriptions in a responsive search ad.
  • The format remains the same.
  • This ad has a lower CTR but higher visibility in the search results than an expanded ad.
  • You must make as many headlines as possible but always tag them as number 2 to keep the effects of the main headline intact.

What all elements should you include in your Google ad?

Creating a successful ad is an ongoing process and while sometimes you will get it right, you will also fail some other times. However, you can give in your best efforts and be technically correct to always have that chance at success. Some elements when included in a Google ad give it a higher chance of success. These elements are:

  • Keep the theme of the ad very specific. Do not include all the services that your company provides in a single ad group.
  • Let your ad give importance to the specific keyword of an ad group.
  • Highlighting the benefits and value that your customers will get if they choose your service is very essential to attract prospects.
  • Using a call-to-action that is strong enough to make your prospects act immediately will help you in getting better conversion rates.
  • Use search terms in the ad texts. These terms are shown in bold by Google and make your ad stand out.
  • Use numbers to break up your ad. All texts will camouflage the essence of the ad.
  • To get a higher CTR, capitalize the first letter of every word in the ad title. Also, capitalize each word in the first description of the ad.
  • Use texts that sound like a direct conversation with the prospects while keeping the focus on them by using words such as you and your.
  • Beginning the ad with a question that caters to the need of a target group is also a great way to create a successful ad.
  • Showcase your customer reviews, brand endorsements, third-party recommendations, and star rating for better conversion rates.

Many other elements can create a successful ad such as the use of negative keywords, use of Google ads extension, creating a good landing page, and making a compelling offer. The essence is that you should create 3-4 ads and then see which one works for you.