Disadvantages of Using Plastic Bags – What’s the Solution

People use plastic bags to transport goods such as food and clothing that are purchased from businesses. Plastic bags are extensively used, even if we know that they might harm the environment. Plastic bags have become key elements in the urban solid waste that is littering the surroundings.

This has led to several damaging environmental repercussions including animal shock, pollution, channel obstruction, rivers and streams, and landscape degradation. As a result, the general public, environmentalists, and legislatures have expressed displeasure in the measures that some national governments have prohibited the use of plastic bags for shopping.


The problem is that plastics are not biologically degradable. For 10,000 years or more, they won’t rot down. They amass throughout the city, choke drains, endanger small animals, damage soil, and contaminate beaches when carelessly thrown away.

Plastic waste kills animals

Also, animal hazards are plastic bags cluttering the countryside. Grazing livestock eat them and perish when the bag is caught in their stomachs. Those, in particular farmers near towns, regularly mention this difficulty.

Plastic is poisonous and pollutant

Plastics are created from oil and coal, both unsustainable and non-renewable elements. Mining, transport, production of electricity, and petrochemical processes all harm the environment. Through the release of greenhouse gases, adds to issues such as oil spills, hazardous emissions, and global warming. There are also concerns if you opt to burn plastic to try to get rid of it. Dioxins and furans are two compounds that are very harmful after plastic burning.

Negatively affect the environment

The biggest environmental consequence of plastic bags is that it takes years for them to degrade. In addition, when plastic bags die under sunlight, poisonous compounds are released into the ground. When plastic bags are burnt, they emit a hazardous substance into the air, resulting in ambient air pollution. The use of plastic bags could allow advances into malignant disorders due to the unregulated accumulation of carcinogenic chemicals. Plastic bags are indiscriminately deposited into deposits globally which occupy tons of hectares of land and release harmful methane, carbon dioxide, and extremely toxic leachates during the degradation period of these deposits.

The Takeaway

Plastic bag wastes constitute a major environmental hazard to human and animal health. If plastic bags are not disposed of correctly, they can affect the environment by blocking literature and storm water drainage.

How to solve the plastic problem?

Reusable bags are the finest plastic bag option. The most beneficial thing about reusable bags is that they reduce the quantity of waste on land and on the sea. You can buy Eco-Friendly printed reusable bags for your daily use from Custom Earth Promos. The company offers customizable products to ensure that your brand aesthetics are captured and your promotional message is transmitted to the environmentally friendly authorities.


In order to eliminate difficulties related to plastic bags, the public should be informed not to use plastic bags, but eco-friendly replacement bags made of fabric, natural fiber, and paper.