Tutorial- How to maintain your entrance mat?

The entrance mat, which should be in a prominent place of passage both indoors or outdoors, is vulnerable to dirt, stain, and deposits of many materials. Entrance mats can be used for extended periods of time and maintenance will vary depending on their material and layout. They should be “durable”.


You should not use water to clean the fibers, even though they are rot-proof. You will need a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. Dry shampoos with powdered shampoos, like baking soda, are recommended. Allow the product’s penetration to the fiber for several hour before vacuuming carefully. Baking soda is also a great deodorizer. Do not force yourself to use the cleaning tools. You can count on a professional carpet cleaning service such as that provided.

Rubber, polyester and extruded PVC mats

These rugs can be used outdoors. To dissolve deposits, you can use a water jet. Special cleaners formulated with water are useful for removing grease. Polyester entrance mats (e.g., artificial turf mats or PVC spaghetti loop mats) are also easy to clean. It is easy to clean these rugs using simple tools. You don’t need any special skills. These types are popular in public spaces because they don’t require special skills.

100% – Polyamide or polyester rugs with vinyl underlay

These fibers trap moisture and absorb it. You must clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner that is powerful enough to reach the heart of the material. It keeps the carpet smelling fresh. These rugs may be machine washed at a temperature of 30 degrees. Fold the rug in half lengthwise, putting the fibers on either the inside or outside. The carpet is then placed in an accordion pattern in the washing machines. A laundromat can be used if the entrance mat does not fit in your washing machines. Drying is generally done outdoors. The carpet will last for a longer time if it is washed by the machine twice a calendar year. It is important to wash your entrance mat before each use. This increases loft and efficiency. A steamer cleaner is very efficient for large carpets. It works using hot water combined with a product.

In-built rugs

The mats embedded in a pit are either made of reps, textile-polypropylene fibers or brush cassettes and they roll up easily. A vacuum cleaner is usually used for cleaning. You can also clean vertically placed carpets with a jet of water or a high pressure cleaning device. The pit can then be cleaned with a broom, vacuum cleaner, or mop.

You may also need to hire professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets. This will prevent damage to the carpets.

Tips for cleaning mats

Other entrance mats require a different cleaning process. We recommend that you do not lift the waterhog mats. Dirt and debris build up between the bristles making it heavier. This can lead to a tear if it is not picked and shaved out before vacuuming.

This ‘how-to clean front matting’ guide will help customers to develop an effective cleaning and maintenance plan for their various entrance mats. The type of entrance matting you choose will determine the installation method. It can either be placed in recessed areas or laid on the floor, like a traditional loose floor mat.