How to Clean Your Swamp Cooler and Pads?

Many Western Slope homeowners and businesses have discovered the great benefits of the swamp (also known as evaporative), coolers. They are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional air conditioning.

Quick Refresher Course

First, let’s look at the workings of a swamp cooler pad. It makes use of the power that evaporation has to cool the outside air, and then circulates it throughout your house. Evaporative cool is the same principle behind why you feel shivery when you step out of a swimming hole on a hot summer day. The water evaporates to cool your skin.

Cooler Pads

A swamp cooling connected to the home water supply saturates these cooler pads. The pads are heated by outside air. The outside air cools and the water from the pads evaporates. Climate Control recommends that the cooler pads be replaced prior to the beginning of each cooling season. They are susceptible to mold, and mildew, and lose their absorbency over the years. There are two types of pads.

Flexible media and fiber pads may be available to suit your particular swamp cooler model. This is similar to a furnace or AC filter.

Other cooling pads will need cutting to fit from the rolling of material.

Cleanliness Can Be an Option

If the cooling pads appear to be in good shape with no mold growth or mildew on close inspection, you can opt for cleaning instead of replacing them. The procedure is easy:

  • Take out the pads from your cooler and vacuum them to get rid of any loose material.
  • Place the pads flat on the ground.
  • The pads can be cleaned when the water is clear. This could take several flushes so be patient.
  • If the pads are still wet, you can reuse them to allow your evaporative cooling system to cool faster.
  • It is a good idea, to repeat this cleaning procedure several times during cooling seasons.

How do you shut down your Swamp Cooler and Evaporative Heater in the fall?

If your indoor space is kept cool by an evaporative cooler, you should consider winterizing it. In the event that your swamp cooler needs to be used again next year, failure to complete this step in time for fall could lead either to a catastrophic breakdown or complete system collapse. Similar to furnaces, swamp coolers require regular maintenance to ensure that warranties remain valid.

Winterizing your swamp cooler is not something you should do on your own. This task should be left to HVAC professionals, who are trained to take care of all the details. Climate Control Company’s skilled technicians can complete this important seasonal task.

Each swamp cooler installation will have subtle differences. However, these are the steps for shutting down your swamp cooler.

We will turn off the water supply to the swamp cooler and disconnect the water line from the unit.

The technician will then dry out the system by blowing it dry to remove any remaining water. This will help prevent the unit from freezing and causing damage. Any remaining water at or near the base will be removed in order to prevent possible corrosion and damage in the winter.