Evaporative Cooler Vs Central Air: What’s The Best Choice?

Learn the main differences between an evaporative cooler vs central air to help you decide which one will be your friend during hot weather.

Air conditioners are the most effective method to stay cool. ACS can be very expensive to install or maintain. You can experience adverse effects on your environment and body from ACs that consume too much energy. What other cost-effective option would you choose to keep cool in the summer?

These evaporative cooling units are portable and smart. Let’s find out which cooler is right for you.

Evaporative Cooler vs. Air Conditioner: Key Differences

Air conditioners were used for many years. What is the difference between an AC and a Swamp Cooler? Let’s examine each feature to discover how a swamp cooler can be more effective than AC.

1. The Cooling Process

Many of us don’t know that cooling agents can be dangerous. The refrigerant gasses in AC units don’t smell like the gas we use to cook.

Without knowing the cause, AC devices can become dangerously contaminated if they aren’t properly maintained. Because they must be disposed of out of after use, many refrigerants are harmful to the environment.

2. Energy Efficiency

Although they aren’t considered luxurious items, air conditioners are an expensive investment that most people can afford. Air conditioners cost less individually, but they can be costly if there are multiple units. Over time, your electricity and maintenance bills will increase.

High energy use can have a negative impact on your finances. The more power you use, then the more fuel is required to generate it. This can cause climate change, especially if the area doesn’t have alternative energy sources.

3. Climate Considerations

Air conditioners are not recommended for those who live in dry areas.

An air conditioner works well as a dehumidifier. If it’s hot and dry outside, an air conditioner will work well. You could also consider purchasing a separate humidifier. To combat viruses, your indoor humidity should be constant at 30% to 50%.

4. Maintenance

The standard air conditioner will require multiple cleaning steps. First, it is important to clean the filters every month or as recommended. Next, they will need professional maintenance and deep cleaning every year.

There are additional costs associated with changing filters and adding fresh refrigerants to your refrigerator as the season changes. All of this takes time and costs money.

You can compare the maintenance requirements for swamp coolers to AC. The simple formula of soap water and water is enough to clean swamp coolers once a month. Some units are equipped with fiber or cellulose filter that needs to be maintained and replaced.

For optimal water quality, flush the water tank with water before refilling it.

5. Noise

If you are still undecided between ac and evaporative cooler, then this is the place to be.

Light sleepers and people with shorter attention spans are particularly concerned by the excessive noise produced by every electric appliance. The noise from air conditioners makes it difficult for people to sleep peacefully, especially if they run for prolonged periods. Additionally, these noises disrupt your sleep and daily routine.

Most swamp coolers emit very little noise, which is not likely to disturb your sleep and divert your attention. The low hum from a mini or large swamp cooler can quickly mix up with other background noises, making it a white noise source.