Tequila’s Surprising Health Advantages Over Other Spirits

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, you might be surprised to learn that tequila has some features that make it a better choice than other spirits.

Though huge amounts of alcohol might be harmful to your health*, a modest amount of 100% blue agave tequila can have some advantages! Here’s how…

But first, let’s go over the fundamentals. When it comes to tequila’s health advantages, we’re not talking about the bottom-shelf stuff you remember from college. These tequilas, known as “mixto,” were likely a blend of 51% blue agave and 49% additional additions, such as cane sugar or molasses.

When consumed in moderation, again, a chemical found in the agave plant is considered to be responsible for several health advantages. Furthermore, pure distilled tequila is gluten-free.

Here are the health advantages of 100% blue agave tequila, ranging from weight loss to bone health.

1. Promotes Sleep

Patron mini bottles Tequila are frequently used as a nightcap to help soothe the nerves and rest the body. This muscle relaxant can assist insomniacs and those who have trouble falling asleep unwind and encourage a good night’s sleep.

2. Helps With Digestion

Drinking tequila after a meal has also been shown to relax and aid digestion. The agave plant is high in inulin, a dietary fiber that aids in the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Tequila is a fantastic digestif because of the inulin in the agave plant, which benefits digestive health. Don’t overdo it, though; too much tequila has the opposite impact on the body.

3. Associated With Weight Reduction

Though the usual rule when it comes to weight reduction is to avoid alcohol, there is an exception when it comes to tequila. The agave plant’s again sugar can help manage blood sugar and encourage weight reduction. Again, which behave like dietary fibers, aid to reduce blood sugar levels, make you feel full sooner, eat less, and, as a result, support weight reduction. It also increases metabolism and aids in fat dissolution.

While you shouldn’t consume tequila to lose weight, it is the ideal spirit substitute if you enjoy the odd drink.

4. Beneficial To Your Bones

Both calcium and magnesium are important nutrients for establishing and sustaining robust bone health. Agave plant agavins have also been related to assisting the body in calcium and magnesium absorption, hence preventing frail or brittle bones.

5. It Contains Probiotics

Because of its agavins, tequila is a good source of probiotics. Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in our gut and intestines that assist our immune systems and bodies maintain a healthy balance. Good bacteria are essential for our bodies to function properly.

6. Increases Insulin Levels In Diabetics

The agavins, or natural sugars, in tequila, can help persons with type 2 diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels and increasing insulin levels. This natural, healthier sweetener substitute contains non-digestible dietary fibers, which means it will not cause blood sugar levels to spike. While we do not advocate consuming tequila to treat any ailment, it may be an excellent spirit to substitute for other drinks that might raise your blood sugar levels.

7. Low In Calories And Carbohydrates

Because of the distillation process, pure 100% agave tequila is minimal in calories, with only 69 calories per ounce and no carbs. However, the more you mix it, the more calories it contains, therefore it is best to drink or shoot it without adding sugary mixers such as Coke or margarita mix. Enjoy the advantages of this spirit with a good, tasty tequila that can stand on its own, such as PaQu Tequila, which is a healthier choice than other cocktails or alcoholic drinks.